Allison Transmission 3-D Invitation

The history of Allison Transmission is forever intertwined with a certain track in Indianapolis. (James Allison was one of the founders of the motor speedway.) So, each year, the company invites top customers to join it on Memorial Day weekend for the big race in its private suite.

To make a big splash with these VIPs, Allison asked us to create a 3-D invitation that would be next to impossible to turn down. These mailers included racecar-style steering wheels that held iPads. Recipients could use them to play a racing simulator.

The iPads also contained videos, including a personal invitation from driver Ed Carpenter, sponsored by Allison at the time. An app, also loaded onto the iPad, provided a schedule and full details about the weekend’s festivities. Needless to say, the private suite was packed on race day.