Cummins “Power Through Anything” Campaign

With aging power grids and an apparent increase of severe weather events, many people are concerned about keeping the electricity flowing to their homes and businesses. Fortunately, Cummins Home Power offers a full line of stand-by and portable generators to keep the power on when utility lines go dark.

To increase awareness of Cummins generators, the Cummins Home Power team asked us to help position their generators as tough and reliable solutions that provide peace of mind. To do this, we developed the “Power Through Anything” positioning.

We used storytelling in web videos to demonstrate why Cummins generators are so important and how they have saved the day. The videos were posted on Cummins website and its YouTube channels. We also used the “Power Through Anything” positioning to charge up social media and blog posts, emphasizing the conditions that may cause outages and how Cummins generators can help overcome them.

Web Videos

Hurricane Sally
JET Electric & Agriflite
Hodgenville EMS Tower

Social Media Posts

Blog Posts

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