Cummins “Thank a Trucker” Campaign

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, truckers became some of the most important people in North America. They literally were risking their health to deliver groceries and supplies while the rest of us were in lockdown. To show its appreciation, the Cummins On Highway team asked us to create a campaign to first thank the truckers and then encourage everyone else to thank them.

To speak directly to the truckers, we purchased outdoor boards at major transportation crossroads where long- and short-haul truckers would be sure to see them. We ran spots on trucking-focused satellite radio stations. And to encourage others to also share the love, we created banner ads that drove online visitors to Cummins social media channels where we posted short, touching videos celebrating the importance of truckers.

The campaign was a wonderful way for Cummins to do something authentic and heartfelt while also building brand equity with the people who use its engines on a daily basis.


Web Videos

Banner Ads