UK Healthcare Magazine

UK Healthcare in Lexington, Kentucky is home to a 569-bed Level 1 trauma center, a Level IV neonatal intensive care unit, a network of clinics and some of the best and brightest physicians in the region. However, many considered it just a “teaching hospital” because of its affiliation with the University of Kentucky.

To help it overcome that stigma and reassure patients and families that they would receive top-notch care, we developed a marketing campaign highlighting the hospital’s talent, recognition, leading-edge technology, multidisciplinary approach and successful outcomes. At the same time, we created the “Making a Difference” magazine to reinforce the image of exceptional care with both patients and internal staff. The magazine series ran for 13 years before being retired in 2019.

Magazine Issues

I wrote the cystic fibrosis story and ghostwrote the ALS one. I also wrote the sidebars associated with the two stories.

I wrote the hip replacement and the “looking after the family” stories. I also wrote the sidebars associated with the two stories.

During this issue, we began transitioning the writing to UK marketing staff, so I wrote only the heart failure story.